Phyllis is great! She never will advise you to take the easy road and quit but she helps you to see the root of your issues; especially in matters of the heart. In the last 6 years, she spoke the truth and allowed me to discover my own inner peace and perseverance. I am no longer living a replication of my unhealthy past relationships but I now enjoy living my life to its highest good. Thank God for her prophetic guidance and online counseling.

- Siobhan (Home Health Care Manager) Brooklyn, NY.


​"where there is no vision the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he" (Proverbs 29:18)

10 years ago, I contacted Ms. Phyllis for relationship advice even though I had low esteem plus bad language (cussing) she immediately connected to my soul and showed me the road of new vision and dreams of good manifestation through her prophetic voice. My journey with her was far from smooth especially since I came from a broken family and had no idea how to break those chains of negativity.

Phyllis has been like a family member to me. She is a wise woman who gave my family and I a variety of life views and ever since our first coaching my family and I have seen our household transition from no structure to a sound stable foundation. She also taught me the root cause of my past failures and lacks by connecting me to my higher spiritual self. Today my two kids and I are walking testimonies of what God can do through Ms. Phyllis mentoring: I now know that I queen and she taught me to be the best!

- Jaye (Entrepreneur) Georgia

I have been doing prophetic consulting with her since 2013. I called her to speak about my stressful job and trying to cope with my mother passing the previous year and raising a child with autism. Well during my conversation she starts asking me about a man I met. I told her I didn't meet anyone she kept insisting I did. I'm like "focus on my job please". Then I thought about a customer I met a work that I gave my number. I told her yeah I did meet someone but that wasn't anything. She told me he's going to call you. I still wasn't listening. He called the next day and the rest is history. I am currently in a good relationship with him. It was not an easy 4 yrs but with her guidance things are working. She has helped me cope with life changes, job loss, son's father  dying, new job, relationship, and family self esteem and just plain girl talk. I trust her guidance she is personable, empathetic and has a good heart. She makes you see the big picture and gets you out of your comfort zone. However she is straight to the point no fluff she tells it like she sees it. If you don't believe what she says she may crush your feelings depending on situation.

The only criticism I could say about her is that I would ask her to not take a person not believing in her personally. For example, if I call for one thing and you tell me something unrelated to the topic, I will have a hard time processing it and it's natural for a person to push back because it hurts and you trying to figure out where that came from. You will not get a better person she is authentic an an exceptional person. Black Girl Magic. I wish you all the success with your new venture. 

-R.B. (Travel) New York City

"for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7)

​"Creating a Queen Consciousness Within for  Victorious Relationships Without"

I met Phyllis 6 years ago at a time in my life when I was struggling and needed answers to many questions, particularly concerning a personal relationship. I have grown up with this cycle of abusive family relationships and my toxic romantic relationships followed that same cycle. I remembered feeling comforted because she was Real and STRAIGHTFORWARD with me which was a sigh of relief.  Over the years, I've looked at her as more than a prophetic blessing with the ability to speak into my life and give me sound wisdom but as someone who is trustworthy and sought out to help me develop into a woman. Someone who always encouraged me to take risks, to be strong in decisions, to believe in the good in myself, and to trust in the process of growth. She has always encouraged me to accept nothing less than I deserve and to allow myself to be treated as a "Queen" and wait for a "King" before I give my heart. After all the years of tears, frustration, depression, and blind faith, I came to learn that growth as a person is invaluable, that everyone has a different journey, and that life is a beautiful blessing. She took the time to get to know me to encourage my path and now I feel better than I have felt in years. Now I feel I have totally matured into a woman worthy of a "King". Thanks a bunch and God bless you!

- SS... (Law) California

OMG!!!!!!!! This lady has a great personality, she will not lead you wrong. I have been getting prophetic counseling via phone with Phyllis for about 8 years. I almost drove her insane the many times I called her about the guy I once was in Love with and who verbally & physically abused me. She gave me tough love and she didn't sugar coat anything! Today I'm free from all that drama that I went through with that young man. I am waiting for Mr. Right but until then, Phyllis has shown me how to keep busy with loving me and leaving old toxic relationships behind. I took back my life and I love it, I thank God for you! 

-Tina (state) Florida

Thank you for being my listening ear, guide and friend. I met you about 7 years ago. At the time things were going pretty well for me. My self esteem was not at an all time high. I reached out to Phyllis for prophetic advice (relationship). Since then, she have been there through disappointing relationships, broken friendships, family issues, and career choices just to name a few. All the road blocks that came, she helped me jump over each and everyone of them. Phyllis saw the light when I couldn't or refused to see it. She helped inflate my self esteem by telling me that I am worthy of that special someone which God is preparing me for. I most appreciated her non-judgmental honesty and for sometimes taking time out of her own personal life to assist me with mind boggling events that occurred. Thank you for always being there. You have been a Rock in my life.

- Ms Military Virginia. 

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